Ever notice how just being around certain people can lift your mood? And how being around other certain people can completely destroy it? I am lucky to have several people in my life who give me an automatic boost by just being around them. We have great conversation and they just make me feel good about myself. Unfortunately, I do not get to see all of them often enough. And cliche as it is, they seem to just have light and positivity flooding from their pores, outwards towards everyone with whom they associate.

Then there are those who are just so miserable that you feel like you’re sinking when you’re around them. I have a miserable friend like that who is in such suffering that she takes it out on others around her and pushes people away. She doesn’t really seem to do it maliciously, but there are plenty of people out there that do. They make negative comments about your looks or the way you dress (usually something superficial, since these people place no value in character being that they have none). They try to give you “advice,” but it is not done from a good place. It is done to make you feel stupid. Their lives are usually flooded in negativity. Drugs/alcohol may be involved. They are only out for themselves and nobody else. I used to try to change these people; I used to try to get close to them and help them. Of course, they would just use and abuse me and take me for granted. Thankfully, shortly after reaching adulthood I learned to abruptly cut these people out of my life. No long, drawn out goodbyes or arguments about why they are the way they are, because that would change nothing. Just *snip* goodbye. Have a nice life. It’s liberating, really.

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