I Abhor Too Much Makeup During the Day

For the past month in New York City it has been in the high 80s/90s every single day. And humid, might I add. So why I see broads walking around with faces full of foundation, blush, eye shadow and eyeliner on is beyond me. Don’t get me wrong, I wear tinted moisturizer every day and sometimes even mascara. If I’m going out at night, I might add a little more. But that’s where it ends. I can’t believe most of these bitches’ faces aren’t dripping off. Unless you are a dayshift stripper/work for MAC, I really don’t see why you need all of that makeup on during the day. I’ve worked in offices with broads like this. They’re the same ones that come in wearing 5 inch heels on a daily basis. They flirt with their horny, old, married coworkers to give their self esteem a boost and wear things that are a bit too revealing for the office.

And don’t get me started on all of the fancy eye shadow. I don’t know why girls like the drag queen look. I don’t care where you’re going, honey. Lime green eye shadow NEVER looks good. Never mind to the office.

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